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Micro Markets

Revolutionize how you eat at work

These revolutionary, self-checkout premium markets offer countless options to employees including fresh food, snacks, beverages, ice cream, and more. Employees love the freedom of browsing and shopping their market to make selections. Elevated convenience and variety with retail promotions, wellness-initiatives, and loyalty programs. Leaving the office for a great meal will be a thing of the past. A Quality Market makes a great replacement for a cafeteria or vending machines. 

Budget Specific Programs

Take your breakroom to the next level with our ever-growing snack menu. Provide complimentary treats to keep your employees fueled, or we will set you up with technology that makes it easy for them to pay. We will custom tailor a program that works for you. Well-fed employees make happy and productive employees.


Change Your Breakroom

Why We Make A Great Team:

Local commissary

Your employees demand fresh, high quality food. Through our local commissary and other established food suppliers, your demand is our guarantee. Some options include sandwiches, wraps, asian cuisine, fruit cups, veggie trays, and more! Enjoy daily specials from Bento Sushi, Shawarma Khan, and Pita Pit.

Open market concept

Quality Market’s are the perfect replacement for a cafeteria or vending. Our open market concept is open for business 24/7, offering fresh and nutritious food options for all employees no matter the time of day. Your market is serviced 3 to 5 times per week to ensure all products are fresh.

Self-serve kiosks

We only use the best when it comes to payment systems as your information security is our priority. The kiosks we use are safe, secure, and very easy to use. Receive loyalty points while paying with an app, or conveniently use your favorite card.

Custom tailored

Space, décor, products. One size fits all? Nope. Each Quality Market is customized for your space. Beautiful, hand crafted millwork that is built to belong in your space right down to the colour and woodgrain. What about the products? That is customized too. We take your requests, and when paired with our sales analytics, the result is the perfect product mix for your employees to enjoy.

Why Quality Markets?

Quality was the original provider of micro-markets to Manitoba, and even one of the first providers in Canada. Don’t be a Guinea pig, demand the best. With over 20 markets in Manitoba, Quality is the leader in providing micro market solutions. Our proprietary technology allows users to receive loyalty points while a portion of their spend is donated to the charity of their choice.

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