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Micro Markets: The Quality Process From Start to Snacking

The largest portion of your employee’s day is spent within your walls. A micro market is an easy way to show commitment to your employee’s needs at work that will improve employee morale. Vending machines are somewhat limited to snack-type foods, a micro market can offer meals including fresher, healthier options from our many local fresh food suppliers. Your employees can find a morale boost in their market first thing in the morning, or during their midnight shift. 


A Micro Market is a big change for a business, that doesn’t mean it has to be a lot of work! We understand you are busy doing what you do best, and we are best at micro markets; that’s why we’ll make a great team. Its extensive, beautiful, and looks like a lot of work. You’re right – it is, but not for you! All we require from our clients is:

  1. Power connections for our equipment
  2. Internet line for the kiosk 

An on-site visit will assess your current space, utilities, and interior décor. Each of our micro markets utilize locally made custom millwork to fit your space in order to look like it truly belongs and to create an inviting gathering space for employees. Blueprints are provided so you can see the micro market in your space before you make any decisions. 

Invest in your Employees without making a Financial Investment

Return on investment is always a concern when looking where to spend your money to boost employee morale and productivity. Your investment for a micro market from Quality is ZERO. That’s right, we take care of the millwork, installation, and continued service. Your employees enjoy the ongoing benefits with little time, and no ongoing monetary investment. The investment you make in your employee’s satisfaction is priceless, literally. 

What can we expect with our new Market

Its opening day, and all of the employees are buzzing. They finally get to use their fancy new micro market! What does your new market bring to the workplace? Fresh food, healthy snacks, beverages, snacks, ice cream, and more all payable at a self-checkout kiosk. Pay with the CAConnectMe mobile app or card to enjoy loyalty points, free products while supporting the local charity of your choice. Be on the lookout for a post that dives deeper into the benefits of CAConnect, only available with Quality.

In companies without dining services, 29% of associates report they would stay on-campus if a micro market were available for meal options. 

70% prefer having a wide range of on-site food options which include fresh prepared foods. 
Interested in a free consultation for your workplace? No risk, no commitment, no pressure. Just a friendly chat about micro markets and if they are right for your location. If you have over 100 employees, we are already off to a great start. If you have less, we have great options for you too! Reduced size or flexible subsidy options can suit any workplace’s needs. Learn more.

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